Deconstructed Handstand


Verena offers with Deconstructed Handstand a handstand workshop which tries to offer an alternative combined with tradition training around and within handstand.
Deconstructing handstand means also, 
that the goal will not always be to have perfect stable handstand, but also a combination between a moving handstand and a fixed handstand.

How can the handstand be more moved and our movement be more stable and balanced?

What social patterns do we find in our practice and how do we listen to what we are hearing or seeing?

We want to practice both, a strict technical approach and at the same time play with in imperfection of the performance and also our ability to improvise and combine instinctively.
(influenced teachers: Pascal Angelier, Tomislav English - FERUS ANIMI, Bruno Caverna,  among others..)

Upcoming Workshops 2020

  • An Acrodance Movement Investigation: 2./3. Mai 2020 in Innsbruck - Vierundeinzig.                                                                         MORE INFORMATIONS:

Past Workshops 2019:

  • Training in between Acrobatics, Dance and Movement Investigation: 2/3 November in Brussels (Garage29)

  • Deconstructed Handstand: 18/19 October in Innsbruck - Einundvierzig  

  • Microbatics: 11/12/13 October in Vienna - Raum 33   

  • Vienna: DeconstructedHandstand Workshop: 27/28.April 2019  

  • Zirkushalle Dornbirn: The Acrobat in The Flux: Collaborative Workshop: 22/23/24. February 2019                                                                                                                                                                                          

  • Katapult (Berlin): The Acrobat in The Flux: Collaborative Workshop: 8/9/10. March 2019